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For my spring break in 2015, I decided to go to London and explore one of the cities I had at the top of my travel list. Of course this city is filled with some amazing, historical and popular landmarks that everyone know about, but this guide includes some of my favorite spots for shopping, food and of course the famous spots from movies and music.

If you are going to be travelling to London, I highly recommend that you check out a few of these places!

View my interactive map of London Hot Spots here!

London Hot Spot & Tips

View my interactive map of London Hot Spots here to follow along with the list below!


1)  Abbey Road – location for the famous Beatles album cover, you can recreate the shot on the crosswalk if you’d like.

2) The Parent Trap house! It’s in a gorgeous location and the house is beautiful. If you’re a fan, go and check it’s on the way to Harrod’s.



harrods_cropped3) Harrod’s – their beautiful crazy huge department store. Check out their food section, there are free samples and everything looks delicious.

4-6) Westminster Abbey, Palace of Westminster & Big Ben – the typical landmarks that everyone wants to see.




7) London Eye – if you want to ride it, check when the sun will be setting and book your ticket accordingly so you can see London during the day and night.

8) London Bridge is boring but its famous and next to the Tower Bridge.





9) Tower Bridge is beautiful, check it out.
10) Ye Old Cheshire Cheese – This is a great pub! Good food and cider!



buckingham-palace_cropped11) Buckingham Palace – Go for the changing of the guards. It’s sometime in the morning but it’s interesting to see them change.
12) Oxord Street is GREAT for shopping! It also has a Primark, (London is the original location for Primark.)
14) Nando’s has the best food! It’s a England only chain (I think) but it is the best and affordable.)

15) Theres a lot of Shakespeare stuff over here, if you’re a fan it might be nice to check out.
16) Borough Market: Cool market place with lots of little food vendors, go a little earlier in the day (around noon), there were a lot of booths that weren’t open when we went in the late afternoon.
17) King’s Cross Station holds the Harry Potter photo area where you can experience running through platform 9 3/4.

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