Cibo en Firenze

Here are some of the BEST places for Food when Visiting Florence!

pizzaThe BEST pizza in Florence is from O’Vesuvio. So many people will tell you to go to Gusta, but it is across the bridge and quite the walk from downtown, you’ll have to wait in a long line, and it’s more expensive than this O’Vesuvio. So why am I raving about this amazing Neapolitan pizza place?! O’Vesuvio cooks their pies, calzones and their panini breads in a stone oven that reaches a temperature of 700+ degrees Fahrenheit, which means your pie will be out of the oven in just a few minutes. The fresh balls of mozzarella are pulled apart and spread over a thin layer of homemade sauce. If you’re a cheese lover, make sure to get the crust of your pizza stuffed, it will take your pizza experience to the next level.  P.S. This is also where the Jersey Shore cast worked while living in Florence.  P.P.S. You can also take pizza lessons at this restaurant. They will shut it down in the afternoon and give you a one on one lesson. Oh, it’s also cash only.



Of course we have panini in the United States, but there’s not better place to enjoy a panino than in Italy. And when in Florence the best place to go is called All’Antico Vinaio. It is SO good that they opened a second location right across the street and both of them always have a line out the door. Luckily the men in there work fast and get you in and out in no time, so if you go in on an empty stomach you’ll be enjoying the freshest ingredients in no time. The panini are served on a freshly baked piece of foccocia bread and the meats are cut straight from the loins. You can also enjoy a nice glass of wine right outside the deli.Try your best to order in Italian!







I didn’t eat out in Italy that much, but one of my all-time favorite places/ meals was the Pear Ravioli from i Tarocchi (Via dei Renai,12-14). It’s a cute little family own restaurant. The grandma owns it and works by the register while her 3 or 4 grandsons do all the cooking and waiting. Pear ravioli sounds weird but was the best thing I’ve ever tasted and I’m still craving it today. The pears give it the sweetness in the dish and the Parmesan cheese sauce give it the savory taste.  I tried making it from scratch but the pear flavor didn’t compare!

They also make a wonderful caprese salad that has the best tasting ingredients!






Gucci Museum served me the best red onion risotto, check their menu and if they have it, get it







News Cafe also served these for €2.


Aside from the place above, the best place to grab gelato is  Grom on Via delle Oche or Gelateria dei Neri (on Via dei Neri). I recommend places like these because the places that have the gelato plied high, has fillers and is most likely old.

Do yourself a favor and go to the secret bakery! I’m letting the secret out and telling you this little hidden kitchen is where you can get warm cornetti with either nutella or cream for 1 euro. The only thing is you have to go late, like around 1 am. You’ll knock on the frosted glass door and wait for a pastry chef to come to the door and then ask them, in Italian, for a pastry. PS its off of Via delle Brache.

Other General Tips:

Restaurants in big tourist areas are usually not good and overpriced, don’t be afraid to try a small little restaurant

Arnold coffee is similar to a starbucks, also Astor has iced coffee

Tijuana’s for nachos and margaritas

Water is NOT free

You don’t need to tip at restaurants

DO NOT eat at any restaurants with English menus anywhere in Italy.

Some bars (also restaurants) like to have apertivos, usually in the evening and you buy a drink and they have snacks, go to these!

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