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Day Trips


Since Florence is so close to Pisa, you must check out the Leaning Tower. If you go to Santa Maria Novella train station, you could probably get a ticket that goes straight to the Pisa station. Once in Pisa, you go straight down the main street where there is a lot of common Italian shops and then you’ll eventually take a left towards the tower. There are signs and maps to help guide you.

Pisa can be done in a morning, you don’t have to spend an entire day there. If you choose to grab lunch there, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor and go down any side street and find a cute little restaurant. If you eat at one on the main street, they will be expensive and terrible quality food.



If you plan on going to Venice, take the train. Try to get the earliest train so you can do the morning in Venice. To me it wasn’t that impressive and the gondola ride was SOOOOO expensive for the shortest bit of time. But it’s something to see so I would walk around and see the town but then take a boat over to Burano, the island of colorful houses.

It’s a very cute little town of locals and it was one of my favorite places to see.

Exploring Tuscany

  • img_9778Definitely do a day trip to Siena. It’s super cute and in the center they have a million little booths set up selling the best chocolate.
  • I did a horseback riding vineyard tour and wine tasting when one of my friends came to visit. It was for sure the best tasting I had in Florence (best food, so many wines to sample..) and the horseback riding felt like we were in a movie. But they also have other options for day activities at this vineyard, ┬ácheck them out here.

Also, make sure to check out one of the Fiorentina soccer games. You can take a bus to the stadium and the round trip tickets are less than 5 euros. It really gives you the full experience of a European soccer game and it’s a lot of fun to be in that atmosphere.

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  1. Aubrey Yandow

    I love Florence! I spent three weeks there when I was in college and I still to this day am dying to go back.

    xx. Aubrey
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