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There are toooOOooons of bars in Florence and most have credit card minimums so bring cash. Typically people go out around 11:30-12.

If you must go  to an American bar, which I recommend you don’t, there is Lions Fountain and Uncle Jimmy’s (lots of bras and undies on the ceilings) and they’re owned by the same people. You can get wristbands there that are 6 euros and then every time you wear it you get a drink and a shot for 6 euros. It can be a good place to pre-game before the clubs.

There is a great bar called Shots Cafe and yup, you guessed it, they serve great specialty shots for a great price! Something to absolutely check out at least once.

Kikuya is the all-time best, home to the strongest beer in Florence (Dragoon) and one will be enough, promise.

Eby’s has really crazy shots and serve nutella as chasers.

Astor has 3 for 10 drinks on Thursdays and also has American goodies like iced coffee and burgers.

The bar that we went to was on Tuesday nights called Colle Bereto (they do aperitivos) and Tuesday is Latin night, so a lot of Spanish dancing. And at 1 they open up their club upstairs, which is very small but it’s a lot of fun. To get in you really have to mingle with the Italians and hope they know the bouncer/ club promoter. There is a short skinny guy who dresses in like fancy button downs and a vest names Sonny (pronounced like Sony) that  you can probably mingle with and get you in upstairs.


The clubs don’t get fun until after 1, closer to 2. and stay open until 4 or 5.  It’s totally worth it to stay out that late and it makes American bar and club times seem so pathetic.

YAB is great on Fridays or Saturdays when it’s more chill, and has a 10 euro charge but includes a drink.. Monday it gets really ghetto

Full Up costs one euro if you get there before 1, and is best on Thursdays – this was my absolute favorite place. There were so many different rooms and sections. It is a must go!

There is also an amazing summer club (open from mid May  til mid September.)It’s on the other side of the river over by Piazza Michaelangelo. It’s all outdoor and is one of the best places to go. If you can be there during that time, absolutely go!

Abraham is the man who runs the clubs in Florence, you’ll hear about him a lot.

Coat check is your friend, especially free coat check. No one wears heels out (yay)!!!!

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