Important Travel Tips

Helpful Italian

  • Ciao! – Hi!
  • Si / No – Yes / No
  • Buongiorno! – Hello!
  • Buona sera! – Good evening (people start saying this around 2pm)
  • Buonnanotte – Good night
  • Buona giornata – Have a good day
  • Buona serata – Have a good evening
  • Arrivederci! – Bye
  • Salvé – Hello (to someone much older than you, shows respect)
  • Grazie – Thank you
  • Niente – It’s nothing
  • Prego – You’re welcome (they also say this right before they take your order, as in go ahead)
  • Scusi / Scusa – Excuse me
  • Permesso – Excuse me (as in, can I get by you)
  • Basta – That’s enough (helpful if the African’s are trying to sell you things)
  • Posso avere / Vorrei – Can I have / I would like

Other Helpful Tips

  • Bank of America is partnered with the BNL banks in Italy so you can use them without fees, or find which bank your bank partners with
  • Take euros out of the ATM, do not exchange money!
  • Make sure you tell your bank you are leaving the country and whenever you travel somewhere else
  • They don’t work out much there, you might get strange looks/made fun of if you go for a run.
  • Life in Italy is slow, everything is slow. The Italians run on their own time.
  • You need a prescription for everything, including tylenol and Gatorade, it’s weird
  • IMPORTANT: Tuscany is not a town, it is the region, don’t say you want to go to Tuscany or see Tuscany… they will think you’re an idiot.


The main grocery store is called Conad, and the cheapest one is right on the street of San Lorenzo. Bring your passport to Conad and get a loyalty card to save money.

Alcohol is cheapest at the grocery stores, only sold before 9pm.

Avoid Despar, they rip you off because they are open almost 24/7

You pay for plastic bags, so bring your own!!!

Fruits and Veggies are cheapest at the Mercato Centrale, go there for the best meats and fish too. If you go upstairs in Central Market, you will either see a man pushing a cart around and honking the horn… he also has a store set up in the back right corner, HE HAS THE BEST MOZZARELLA. Make sure they get it fresh from the vats of water.

All the restaurants in the upper deck of Central Market are only there because their specialty meal that they serve (pizza, steak, chocolate etc…) isthe best in the Tuscany region.

The euro stores have snacks and also cleaning supplies, school supplies, holiday decorations, and just generally random things that you might want to buy



If you want to splurge, Florence is known for their leather goods – Go to the Leather school by Santa Croce – Scuola del Cuoio

Every Tuesday morning starting at 7am there is a cheap clothing market in Cascine Park, they also food and antiques. It’s mainly where the locals go so you get great deals and clothes for less than 10 euros.

There is a popular store called La Rinascente, it’s like a huge Nordstoms or Macy’s but on the top floor they have a roof top restaurant with the best view of Piazza Republica.

They have a two huge Zara’s near Piazza Republica and an H&M


The Cityapartment

There are two types of addresses, red and blue/ black. Red numbers are for businesses and blue are for residences. So when you’re looking for any sort of business or restaurant, it will have a red number, while apartments will be in blue/ black.

Everyone speaks English. You can have alcohol in public!

You can walk almost pretty much anywhere! Bus tickets are 1.20 and you can buy them at any Tabbachi. Don’t get caught without one! You will be fined.

Be aware of pick pocketing. The gypsies will beg for money, it’s best to just ignore them.

There is a good chance someone riding a bike will hit you.

VISIT MY APARTMENT!!! Piazza del’Olio 3, right next to the Duomo… you MUST take a picture of the door and send it to me.

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