Waffle Crisp Cereal Dupe!

Growing up, I always had cereal for breakfast. Even throughout the beginning of college, a bowl of cereal was my coffee in the morning. I felt like I needed it in order to start my day off on the right foot.

Everyone has a favorite cereal! In fact, the reason this whole adventure started was because my favorite morning show, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, had listeners call in to say what their favorite cereal was. Of course you heard the popular choices: Lucky Charms, Cap’n Crunch, Froot Loops etc. As I was listening, I thought to myself, “No one is going to say my favorite cereal”, and of course the last caller said “My favorite is Waffle Crisp!”.

I was absolutely shocked that someone else knew what the cereal was. But the thing that was still making my head spin was the fact that the girl didn’t say “but they don’t sell it anymore” or “but it’s impossible to find” because I knew that this was a problem for me. Trust me, if you go into any grocery store, I guarantee you won’t find it, unless your grocery store is in the 5% of stores that still carry this delicious Post cereal.fullsizerender-9

It got me thinking, maybe she is getting this cereal somewhere else. So I started looking online. It seemed that every site I checked, it was way too expensive for a box of cereal, not to mention the cost of shipping. But when I looked back at the google search results, I saw a link for Walmart and in the small¬†teaser description, there was a comment that read something along the lines of “This cereal is waffle crisp.” I looked at the picture and knew this was something I had to try.

I found the box and couldn’t wait to dive with the a spoon and some milk. And of course it was a perfect dupe! I couldn’t
believe it. The box was huge compared to regular cereal boxes and it was about $3 and change. Of course that sounds a little crazy for cereal but considering most cereals these days come in small boxes and are anywhere from $3-6, this was a steal. fullsizerender-8

If you are a lover of Waffle Crisp and you’re facing the dilemma that I have been for years. Check this out. Your taste buds and tummy will be happy.

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