Taco Lasagna

If you know me, you’ll know that I love being Italian and cooking Italian food from scratch. But you’ll also know that I LOVE TACOS. I could eat them any time; it’s definitely my go to food if I’m hungry. The saying goes “Paris is always a good idea” (which isn’t true), but in my world Tacos are always a good idea.

So enough about my philosophy, let’s get to the story. This past week at work, we had a big family Thanksgiving Pot Luck lunch. When I looked at the menu items that people signed up to bring, there wasn’t a lot of traditional Thanksgiving items, so I knew this was a chance for me to branch out and make something new.

I dove into my Pinterest board for recipes, but wasn’t finding anything that I was really excited to make. I knew tacos were the way to go, but I wanted to make it in an easy way for multiple people to eat, especially in a buffet setting. After chatting with my mom, we decided to take an Italian classic and combine it with my Mexican favorite.img_8322

Of course, I took to Pinterest and found a great recipe to use, which you can follow along below.

The first thing you’re going to do if cook your ground beef all the way through so there is no pink. Chop it up finely (either with a wooden utensil or using a food processor) and then mix in your taco seasoning. Since this was the first time I was making this recipe, I feared that it wouldn’t taste like a taco lasagna, and instead it would taste like a regular one with spicy salsa added to it. So I added some Ortega Taco Sauce to my ground beef for some extra flavor. We do this whenever we make tacos, and it’s a great addition, I absolutely recommend it.




Grab a casserole dish, spread some oil around the pan so that the lasagna noodles don’t stick and then lay down your first noodle. I purchased my noodles from the Pasta Company in Avon, but they are very easy to make as well, if you have a pasta machine or a lot of patience with a rolling pin.


Mix together one egg and a container of Ricotta cheese to add as the next layer of your dish.


Spread the ricotta mixture evenly on top of the noodle.


Then add your ground beef (not all of it, remember this has to be layered).


Next add your salsa to the top of the ground beef. If you have a favorite salsa, I would use that. I grabbed a random one from the store and it was a little too spicy for my liking.

Lastly you’ll sprinkle some Mexican cheese on top and repeat these steps twice more.


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